Prevention and Proaction of Lice

The Best prevention of head lice is being proactive, A/K/A, proaction.
Scientists Predict Lice Will Only Get Worse!

Absolutely, hands down, THE best method for preventing head lice from crawling into your household is by being proactive. You’re probably asking yourself what that means, how one can actually do that. Sit tight and read on.
First and foremost, invest in a GREAT lice comb. Not a good one, but a great one. There are many, many options on the market that pass for a lice comb, however, this is critical! You MUST have a comb whose tines are extremely close to one another, is metal and is sturdy enough to withstand tough hair, dyed hair, a bad infestation, etc. Once you have that great lice comb, use it and use it often. The Lice Boutique recommends once a week comb outs for school-aged children and for anyone (including adults) who has ever experienced head lice. Once someone has head lice, they are more prone to getting it again and again. Thus, regular comb outs help prevent future invasions!
Second, ARM YOURSELF with the most effective products on the market, those that are full of mint and are all natural. Mint is THE ONLY scientifically proven true lice repellant, so confirm that whatever you’re using is full of it. It is not necessary to use harsh chemicals and toxic products to do the job. Not only do they no longer work, they are highly toxic and have been shown to cause nerve damage in some cases. They have been deemed SCIENTIFICALLY INEFFECTIVE because of overuse. Since the formula for these over-the-counter products hasn’t been changed in 40 to 50 years, the bugs have become completely resistant to them, and it is simply like pouring water on them….the main reason scientists are predicting that head lice will only continue to get worse and worse.
Once you have those products, especially the mint spray, use it daily. Spray it on the hair generously twice daily.
Third, keep longer hair up and in a high, tight bun. Head lice only crawl—no jumping or flying—and because of this, you will want to eliminate a “bridge” between your child and the next, who just very well may have live bugs in their hair.
Fourth, keep hair washing down to twice weekly, if possible, using an all-natural, mint-filled lice shampoo and conditioner. Though lice do not discriminate and will visit anyone’s hair, they do prefer cleaner hair. They use our hair as “rope,” to get up to the scalp to feed. So imagine if that “rope” were a little greased up; it makes it harder to grasp onto. It is in our best interest to make the little critters’ job as hard as we can.
Fifth, no sharing of anything that has contact with the head. Period.
Sixth, hug less or air hug. Teach your kids how to air hug or give directional hugs, meaning, one child’s head goes to the left, the other to the right.
Lastly, COMMUNICATE!!! Once head lice is detected, make sure to notify all of your child’s friends, both from school as well as your neighborhood. Though it may seem embarrassing, every parent wants to know if their child has been exposed to head lice; that way, they can choose to have him/her properly checked. Additionally, contact your child’s school. Schools will often send notes home to the parents, alerting them and giving them that choice as well. Simply put yourself in their place and do the right thing!
There you have it: The best ways of being proactive against head lice creeping into your home.
The Lice Boutique treats with as well as offers for prevention all-natural spray and shampoo/conditioner bars. Both are loaded with mint and other lice repelling ingredients and do wonders for the scalp! We also offer the top of the line lice combs, the ones professionals choose to use daily. Let us know how we can serve you.
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