Similarity Between Lice and COVID-19

Generally speaking, there is NO similarity between head lice and COVID-19. I mean, how dare someone even mention the two in the same sentence, right?!

However, there are a few things shared between head lice and COVID-19: protection, the importance of being proactive, and the ease of transmission.

We are all aware of the proper protection and proactive measures for COVID-19: excessive hand washing and wearing masks anytime you’re in public, or at least where other people are around. It doesn’t take much to pass it between person to person and, unfortunately, many “things.”

As with COVID-19, being proactive against head lice is the best protection. Here at The Lice Boutique on the Treasure Coast, we only treat head lice, as we are a full-service head lice treatment and education center. We teach you the best methods to staying proactive with your prevention and how to reduce the risk of transmission…based on the science.

Keeping the hair up in a high, tight bun ensures that the “bridge” between your child and the child next to her (that could have lice) is nonexistent. If there’s no head to head touching, there’s no transmission. Next, we urge our clients to spray our all-natural mint spray on everyone in the household, especially children, daily. There are no chemicals, smells wonderful to humans, but is VERY offensive to lice. They will often run the other way.

Another must for someone that has had head lice before is to be combed out once a week with a lice comb. When you receive a treatment here at The Lice Boutique, you are given a FREE lice comb, the exact same kind that the professionals use. We instruct you in detail how to properly perform an effective combout on your child, or yourself, whichever the case may be.
Unlike COVID-19, head lice cannot live on “things.” They only live on human heads (your fur babies are safe!), as their only source of nourishment is our scalp blood. In other words, one only needs a tiny bit of hair and a pulse for head lice to survive! It does not matter what the skin color, gender, religion, type/texture of hair, hair dyed/bleached, etc. Lice do not discriminate! They do not jump or fly; they only crawl. And they crawl from head to head. Quickly. So in that sense, they are highly contagious. Again, keep in mind that avoiding head to head contact is the key.

There you have it! You now know how to be “locked and loaded” with your prevention…for both COVID-19 and head lice. BE PROACTIVE. BE PROACTIVE. BE PROACTIVE. The Lice Boutique can’t help you if you have the coronavirus (we wish we could!), but we absolutely can if head lice pay a visit to you or someone in your household. Your peace of mind will return and your child is back in school all in one day.

Thank you for putting your trust in The Lice Boutique, on the Treasure Coast of Florida.