Lice Head Checks

Your Lice Boutique™ professional will begin with performing lice head checks. Lice head checks allow us to determine if you or your child actually have head lice. You might be surprised how often folks think that they have head lice and their condition is something else.

Lice head checks allow us to not only determine if you have head lice, but will also allow us to provide you with an estimate of how much time it will take for us to treat the infestation. This is not only valuable for the client or parent but for The Lice Boutique™ (from a scheduling standpoint) as well. It is always a benefit to have an idea of what resources we will need to best serve our clients.

The Lice Boutique™ professionals are trained in lice head checks and specific protocols which are consistent every time. We start by checking the scalp near head lice “hot spots” to confirm whether an obvious case of head lice is present. If there are no head lice present in the preliminary lice head check, we move on to check throughout the entire head in a systematic manner to detect more subtle cases of head lice.

The Lice Boutique™ offers a Lice-Free letter for children and adults who were deemed lice free at their head check. This letter informs the parent, school and, if
appropriate, the workplace, that the individual has had our professional eye confirm they are lice free!

The Lice Boutique™ provides group lice head checks for schools and organizations! By appointment only, The Lice Boutique™ professionals will promptly arrive to carry out lice head checks for groups or entire schools. Several schools have us check the staff and student body several times per year. This ensures that the administration controls any lice infestations, especially at peak times during the year. The most popular times for our group lice head check service is: when the school year starts, after winter break and after spring break. Contact The Lice Boutique™ for details and pricing for lice head checks.