Common Head Lice Myths

Common Head Lice Myths

Here at The Lice Boutique™ we receive many calls from frustrated, embarrassed and frightened families. Often times the main source of frustration originates from well-intentioned parents browsing the internet for information on head lice and treatment options. Unfortunately, much of the information on the internet is unverified opinion and can be dangerous. At The Lice Boutique™, we spend a lot of our time clarifying the truth regarding head lice and treatment for head lice.

Recently in Queensland, New Zealand an article stated: “Lice can travel on the static electricity in the air. This is why you only have to be standing next to someone to get them. You don’t need to touch heads!”

The truth is that head lice cannot be transmitted through static electricity in the air. Yet this recent internet statement did have us remember some of the most popular head lice myths. Here they are:

Head Lice Myth: Lice jump and/or fly.
Head Lice Myth: Stuffed animals of infested children should be put in plastic bags and kept outside for extended periods of time.
Head Lice Myth: Lice can be transmitted to and from our pets.
Head Lice Myth: Lice are difficult to remove from the home, car or classroom.
Head Lice Myth: Over the counter lice treatments can kill all lice and nits (lice eggs) on an infested individual.

Luckily all of these head lice myths are false and there are specific reasons why.
Keep reading our posts and spend some time on The Lice Boutique website for facts to help you deal with your head lice issues.

As we like to say, “Have a Lice-Free Day!”

Cac Stiner, The Lice Queen

The Lice Boutique™ removes head lice without pesticides or harsh chemicals. Lice removal treatment leaves you lice free and nit free. Guaranteed.

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