My Child has Head Lice

My Child has Head Lice

The-Lice-Boutique-Lice-Removal-Lice-Treatment-crownMany times we have worked with families to eradicate their head lice issue, only to find the most difficult part of the process is to help mom with her guilt!

The Lice Boutique™ is certified in the head lice removal and education business. Or at least that is what it seems like on the surface! We have found over the last couple of years that we are really in the Peace-Of-Mind business. Many times the best removal we provide is the shame that moms often feel when lice come into their lives.

There are few other simple family subjects that bring up so many guilt and failure issues as head lice. The nuts and bolts of a child catching head lice are no different than that child catching a common cold. Kids hang out together, contact is made and every now and then they share a malady with each other.

Most of us can hardly imagine our child coming home with a cold or flu and us feeling like an irresponsible, dirty or bad parent over the infection. When our kids catch a bug, we love and care for them until they are better. In the case of head lice, it really is just a bug! There are more similarities than differences to a “bug” like a cold or flu and a case of a bug called head lice.

Head lice like clean hair…do we feel bad for supporting our kids in being clean?
Head lice are passed from head to head…are we bad for teaching our kids to play well with others? Head lice are contagious…do we encourage our kids to be responsible about not passing on colds and other bugs? Head lice can be eliminated with the proper education, techniques and procedures are followed…do we teach similar life lessons to our kids every day? Head lice can be avoided in most cases when we follow certain rules of conduct…sound familiar to most of parenting life?

The Lice Boutique™ educates people on how to get rid of head lice. We offer professional lice removal services in The Lice Boutique™. The moms who huddle with us for a while each day often get a gift of unity and increased self esteem that none of us see coming. We realize that we all share this inconvenient bug in our families and that together we can know it’s really no big deal…but it is a really big deal getting rid of lice!