No Nit Policy

No Nit Policy

Politics and religion are often cited as subjects to stay away from if you want to have a friendly conversation. In the last two years we have spent in the head lice education and removal business we have learned about one more, “The No Nit Policy!”

What dare say you is a no nit policy? A no nit policy is a school policy that states that if a child in school is found to have any nits (lice eggs) in his/her hair, they must be sent home. That child cannot return to class until all evidence of head lice is gone….no nits!

We at The Lice Boutique™ know from experience and science that if there is a nit present in a child’s hair, that there has recently been a live louse present in that same hair. We also know if there is a nit present now it will soon hatch into a live louse. Head lice are spread almost ALWAYS by head-to-head contact with another individual with head lice. Common sense would suggest that a no nit policy would help keep head lice under control inside of the school. But then again, who said common sense is common? Enter the realm of politics, religion, and the no nit policy!

There is a constant battleground around no nit policies in schools. The American Academy of Pediatrics has a stand that no nit policies should be abandoned. The American Medical Association had a similar statement published earlier this year. These medical groups suggest that because head lice do not carry disease directly they are simply a nuisance. Therefore, they say presence of nits on a child is not a reason for the child to miss school.

There are also parents and parent groups who are adamant that a child left home due to lice is nearly a crime. They often cite that children who are identified as having lice are prone to everything from exception from play groups to bullying.

The other side of this argument is the National Pediculosis Association, which is a non-profit organization primarily existing to encourage sound and firm no-nit policies in schools. These folks are as passionate about no nits as are the pro nit doctors and working moms who don’t want their kids sent home because of lice and nits. Both sides make some good points and both sides will probably disagree forever.

It all makes for great reading and AM radio talk shows.

One of our local school clients told us that in a recent school year one of the grades almost failed the entire year because of head lice. The school began the year without any lice policy at all and, by the spring, it was apparent that this class was in trouble. They survived the ordeal and now have a clear policy in place. As hard as it is for teachers to teach these days, adding lice to the classroom clearly makes it tougher for them to do their job.

With all of this said, The Lice Boutique™ stands on the side of head lice education, awareness, prevention and the no-nit policy.

It is our passion to educate our local community who are willing to listen and learn how to prevent and treat lice. If a family cares to learn how to treat lice at home we will always be there to support and train them…but treatment means removing all lice and nits.

It is our business to offer lice removal treatments for those who chose to have that service professionally delivered to their family. We also always treat until there are no nits!