Head Lice Camper Lessons Before Leaving Home

Head Lice Camper Lessons Before Leaving Home

Some helpful tips for prevention and preparation for camp are simple: Label all hairbrushes clearly, as well as bags of hair ties, bows and hats. Be quite clear about telling your campers, summer, head, lice, removal, treatmentchild not to share anything that touches the head. That means NO SHARING!!!

Often camp activities call for the wearing of some type of head gear or helmet. If that is the case with your child, send them with a few disposable hair nets to be worn underneath the helmet for protection. Again, let them know that hair net should not be shared and is to be discarded after each use.

So what happens if all the necessary precautions are taken and your child still is found positive for head lice? Immediate action needs to be taken by the camp. That includes a full head lice treatment (hopefully by a professional head lice removal salon or service), brushes need to be boiled 15-20 minutes or put in the camp’s freezer overnight (lice die after 24 hours off the head). His/her bed sheets and towels (used in the preceding 24 hours of treatment) need to be washed in hot water and put in a hot drier at least 45 minutes. Any items that contain fibers or fabric, such as stuffed animals, also need to be laundered in the same manner. If something cannot be disinfected at camp, it needs to be bagged tightly so that any live bugs present on them will suffocate and die. All remaining cabin mates (or group mates in the case of day camp) should be directed not to share items (again!). Very importantly, they should be instructed not to lie in each others’ beds. The camp has a responsibility to all campers, staff and families to do whatever it takes to prevent head lice outbreaks.

We all know, including Camp Directors and camp clinics, that it is not easy to identify a case of head lice. However, if our summer camps routinely perform head lice head checks, encourage parents to do their part before camp’s inception, the head lice problem is greatly minimized and a “de-liceful” summer camp experience is sure to be had by all!

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