Head Lice Never Take a Vacation

Head Lice Never Take a Vacation

Ahhhh! School is out for the summer!!! No more early bedtimes, pre-dawn wake-ups and making school lunches. Gone are the early-out days wondering who’s going to pick up your child and keep them for the rest of the day and missing work because your little bundle of joy is sick. And quite possibly the most horrid and disruptive…that dreaded call from the school nurse with the news that your child has head lice and MUST be picked up immediately!

Then there’s summer camp! And we all know what goes hand in hand with summer camp…Head Lice. Yes, they’re BAAAAACK!!! Just when we think we’ve escaped the dreaded head lice issue, this wonderful bunk bed, shared-cabin environment brings it all back! Even day camp is a rich setting for the little critters to thrive in.

Unfortunately, over the last few years, camps from coast to coast are reporting an increased number of head lice cases during the summer months. Though head lice are not harmful nor pose any type of health hazard, it is an unpleasant experience for all involved and one the Camp Director hopes to avoid. After all, would you send your child to a camp that has the reputation of repeated head lice outbreaks? Of course not!

There is some good news however! Most camps, through trial and error, have learned that head lice is a big enough issue that it must be addressed BEFORE camp begins. That means, encouraging parents (some require it) to have their child’s head checked by a professional head lice removal service before they arrive at the camp’s gate. If the head check is positive for head lice, they must be treated prior to arrival. Additionally, and equally important, all camp staff should be checked and treated as well, if necessary. The goal here is to keep head lice out of camp all together, and what better than a preemptive strike.

Hopefully, at some point mid-session, both campers and staff should go through another round of head lice head checks. It is in everyone’s best interest to communicate openly about this issue; in other words, not keep it a secret. That in itself is key to preventing another infestation and perpetuating the “gift that keeps on giving.”

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