Certified Lice Removal Is Cost Effective and Guaranteed

Certified Lice Removal Is Cost Effective and Guaranteed

In a matter of weeks, there will be more lice on more heads than any other calendar month of the year. The telltale sign? KIDS ARE BACK IN SCHOOL…and so are the head lice! After all, it’s a free ride to the entire community in one place!!!

So how are you going to handle YOUR child’s bout of head lice? There are numerous ways to get rid of (or attempt to) these pesky critters, the majority of which unfortunately just don’t work anymore. So pick your poison, no pun intended, and let’s explore your options.

Most over the counter products indicated for treating head lice contain chemicals that are highly toxic (some used to kill tree root!) and seldom work any longer. As a matter of fact, 90% of the clients that visit The Lice Boutique™, a certified lice removal salon in Port St. Lucie, Florida, have used these over-the-counter treatments three and four times, all with little to no success. Once those have been exhausted, the next step people seem to take are the home remedies…your jar of mayonnaise, the bottle of olive oil, Listerine, even kerosene. Yes, all of these are common practices for attempting to rid people of the six-legged parasitic creatures known as head lice. It is at this point moms and dads everywhere throw up their hands and seek help from the experts.

According to the National Pediculosis Association, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preventing the misuse and abuse of pesticidal treatments for head lice removal, “the kneejerk reaction is to reach for chemical solutions.” And further, “This makes head lice a serious health issue for children.”

So what are you REALLY saving by going to the store and standing over your kitchen sink…for hours and hours three and four times? If you think you’re saving money, think again. If you think you’re saving time, yep, you guessed it, think again. Consider the hours spent doing laundry, the bedding, clothes, taking care of brushes, hats. And these are just the measurable ones! Unfortunately, head lice brings even more to the table that can’t be measured by dollars and “sense.”

Since we know most do-it-yourself head lice treatments no longer work and attempts are made anywhere from three to six months, let’s take a close look at what the true cost is, according to what people are saying here in South Florida:

Direct Costs:                                                                                                Notes:                                                                                     Amount:

Rid Kit (2):                                                                                                                                                                                                       $ 45.00
Nix Kit                                                                                                                                                                                                               $ 40.00
Online Products                                                                                                                                                                                           $ 100.00
Replacement Personal Items                                                                                                                                                                 $ 75.00
Missed Work (3 days average)                                                            (based on 60K salary)                                                      $ 500.00
Missed Private School (3 days)                                                           (based on 10K tuition)                                                     $ 160.00
Missed Paid-For After-School Activities                                                                                                                                           $ 100.00
Extra Water/Electricity Costs                                                            (extra laundry and cleaning)                                         $ 200.00
Visit to Pediatrician                                                                                                                                                                                    $ 150.00
Prescription Lice Treatment                                                                                                                                                                  $ 250.00

In addition, consider the long-term effects of toxic, prescription strength chemicals your child is ingesting.

And the lice are STILL alive and well and multiplying in number!

Costs of Ineffective Lice Removal Remedies Which Cannot Be Measured in Dollars

  • Stress and anxiety of family members
  • Stress on friends and friendships
  • Stress on the marriage (big one!)
  • Countless hours trying to comb out nits
  • Even more countless hours cleaning the house (most of which isn’t necessary)
  • Lack of sleep of all those affected
  • Most importantly, the loss of self esteem and confidence your child experiences once the bullying begins

The moral of the story is………Don’t try cutting corners; it never pays. Go to a professional lice removal salon that does nothing but treat head lice. That is all they do, all day long, identify and pick out lice. After all, would you take your vehicle to someone who is cheap but really doesn’t know cars? I didn’t think so! You will save countless hours of pulling your hair out (lousey choice of words I know!), and the money is about equal to what you’ll spend over the counter multiple times.

The Lice Boutique™ removes head lice without pesticides or harsh chemicals. Lice removal treatment leaves you lice free and nit free. Guaranteed. 844-363-5423

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Author: Cac Stiner, The Lice Queen