Lice Treatment

Lice treatment at The Lice Boutique is designed to welcome individuals and families and provide the best possible experience given the situation. We are happy when we see a family walk through the door of The Lice Boutique and watch mom’s tension ease, literally before our eyes, in minutes.

The Lice Boutique has six ample sized stations for lice treatments with comfortable chairs and a personalized television at each station. Kids are encouraged to choose a movie from our extensive selection to help keep them focused during the lice treatment. Our expert technicians are all moms themselves and bring a unique combination of experience and finesse to each child or adult client.

The Lice Boutique system includes the cleaning of each station after each treatment. You can be confident the lice treatment station is sanitized for your session. We begin each lice treatment with a head check to confirm lice are present on the head in question. If we find head lice and/or eggs and mom chooses to have us perform a lice treatment, we will proceed to inspect and remove all head lice and nits in one session. At the end of your lice treatment, you are guaranteed to be lice free!

The Lice Boutique offers Wi-Fi and a big screen television in our back room. Parents can work and make calls while your child is receiving a head lice treatment. Siblings can enjoy television, movies or games on their own digital devices. The Lice Boutique offers relaxed seating in the front and back, as well as a dimly lit area for little ones that may need a nap.

We promise to educate children and adults alike on how to prevent from getting lice again in the future. Your lice treatment includes education and training on everything from cleaning your current environment to proper and efficient use of The Lice Boutique nit comb.